Nuts + Bolts

For all who are concerned about the validity of this organization:

Nearly 100% of donations go towards payment of medical expenses described in our Projects. The only money that does NOT go towards payment of medical expenses is money that pays fees incurred for received donations. That's it. Bottom Line. We are for real.

 If you do not use, or are suspicious of, PayPal I don't blame you. Although, in this case, living without a homebase, PayPal is the most accessable option. No account is required to donate, and step-by-step instructions are on the website, the link to which is on the top right of the page. If you would prefer to send a certified check, dough, personal check, cowry shells, money order, clams, love letter or critique, please contact us at and we will discuss other possibilities.
We appreciate any and all thoughts, letters, encouragements, donations and prayers.
We would love to hear from you.