Project One: Berlin, Germany; Broken Wrist

This morning we learned of an artist in dire need. If you have ever had the fortune to travel in Berlin during the wintertime, you will be familiar with the treacherous ice coated sidewalks: The beautiful city does not believe in salting her roads. Two nights ago, whilst trekking home after a long day at the studio, our artist-in-need was swept away by the city, literally.
Many an artists' worst nightmare ensued; yes, I am speaking, whispering really, lest I should attract it myself, of The Catastrophic Calamity: A Broken Wrist. Tragically, the wrist in question is the one linked to her dominant hand. Often, when the toast falls from the plate and lands jam-side up, we congratulate ourselves for stealing the satisfaction of a ruined breakfast from the cruel Fates.
Such as it is, as of now, Fates: 1, Project One: 0.

After bucking up and taking it like a lady, our artist woke yesterday morning with a swollen, aggravated pulpy mass that vaguely resembled her wrist. Realizing the severity of the damage, she took charge of the situation and was soon gliding into the Emergency Room. After her X-ray glamour shots, and having signed her autograph to her numerous fans and nurses, she learned the fate of her poor, faithful wrist:
"distale fraktur des radius: nicht naher bezeichnet"

Like most artists, especially those taking beautiful risks and meeting the artistic challenges of foreign residencies, our Project One is rather financially disadvantaged. We have all been faced with this conundrum in one way or another: "Do I choose to follow my heart and my calling, or do I play it safe and concern myself with material security?" Our Project One here at the Broken Artists' Health Fund, followed her heart to Berlin at the expense of, among other things, her health insurance. As she left the ER with a heavy heart and an appointment for a surgery which, among other things, will insert a metal plate to support her Chipped Radius Bone, all she knew was that she had to come up with the money to save her wrist from irreperable damage. Estimated cost of treatment and surgery: 4,000 Euro, which translates to roughly $5,400 USD.

We are here to try and protect her from selling her organs on the Black Market to pay for her surgery. Hopefully, we will also be able to protect her from having to sell her eggs, her blood, her hair, and her body. We would like to involve you, dear readers and fellow artists & co-conspirators, with this opportunity to help save a wonderful photographer's Broken Wrist. She does not currently have the funds to pay for her surgery, or any of the related expenses (ER visit, X-rays, etc.) This is, perhaps, one of the more terrifying experiences a human being can have. We are asking you to contribute whatever clams, dollars, cowry shells, euros, beads or any other forms of currency (must be accepted by the Pay Pal) to our Project One: Berlin, Germany; Broken Wrist.

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    oh broken wrist
    i do wish i could kiss
    your every wretched carapace