Project One: Berlin, Germany; Preparing for Surgery

Thank you to those who have joined and supported our Project One: Berlin, Germany; Broken Wrist! Every contribution towards her medical expenses helps ease the burden of the hospital bills, and every demonstration of support helps structure an ever-growing foundation of caring and kindness.

As our artist heads into surgery in less than 6 hours, I ask that you help generate awareness and community by emailing this website to your friends, getting onto Facebook and joining our page and event, and by inviting your friends to contribute!

Broken Artists' Health Funds isn't an ambiguous website or Facebook page designed to entertain and distract; our goal is not an arbitrary 1,000,000 people joining. Rather, we are striving to create a strong network of real people who are willing to reach out and pitch in. Many of our belts are tightened and we can't afford to contribute monetarily. For those who are in this situation, please write a note of encouragement, or a great joke, email us a message to pass on to her, send a picture, contribute something from your heart! Money will pay the doctors, but it won't help us heal.

For those who are capable of contributing monetarily, please do! Every donation is incredibly appreciated - even $5.00 goes a long way. We all know what it's like to be a couple dollars short; we all know how quickly those couple dollars increase in value when we don't have them! 100% of Donated money (minus taxes) goes directly to paying medical expenses as described in our previous post, Project One: Broken Wrist.

Thanks again to all those who have sent in poems or emails, and who have donated to Project One: Berlin, Germany; Broken Wrist. Let's all think good thoughts for our artist as she prepares for her surgery!

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